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Welcome to FPSW (Foundation for Positive Social Wellbeing)

Collaboration is Key to achieving Wellbeing.

Foundation for Positive Social Wellbeing is a NonProfit organization aimed at supporting the wellbeing of vulnerable populations through outreach programs, education and research.

Outreach Programs: Our outreach programs take the form of medical outreach programs to rural communities, distribution of supplies such as school materials, face masks, sanitizers and food stuffs to communities in need.

Education: We support education by supporting teachers salaries, providing educational materials to children especially those at IDP camps, and grant small scholarships to outstanding students.

Research: We take on a community based research approach to help us identify needs of communities so as to design our implementation and outreach programs to address identified needs.

Areas of Interest

  • Women and Youth Empowerment,

  • Gender Equality,

  • Gender Based Violence,

  • Quality Education for Children especially the Girl Child,

  • Nutrition,

  • Environmental Health and Safety,

  • Reproductive Health,

  • Protection of the Rights of Children especially the Girl Child,

  • Reducing Maternal Mortality Rate,

  • Malaria Prevention and Eradication

  • HIV/AIDS care and Prevention.

Together We can!

A health Nation they say is a wealthy Nation. Kindly, join us in this journey of securing a healthy population by supporting and volunteering your expertise, time and funds to our agenda.

I invite readers to leave comments and share stories with us on their journey to a more Healthy Life!

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